Media about us

Škofja Loka Passion Play is due to its spectacularity and uniqueness a very interesting performance for public and for media. More than 45 different media wrote about it at last performance in 2009 with over 120 articles published. Additionally more than 20 radio and TV stations prepared live reports about the project. We can be also proud that ORF and CNN also broadcasted news about Škofja Loka Passion Play.

Below you can see some of the written contributions by the media on us. You can also follow us on Facebook via the web page Škofjeloški pasijon 2015.

Bellow you can check the article published in September edition 2014 of The Slovenia Times, the second article published in November edition 2014 of Kärtner Regional Magasine Mein Sonntag and the third article published in Winter edition 2014 of The Slovenia Times.

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