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In Europe and elsewhere around the world performs a wide variety of Passion Plays. Škofja Loka Passion Play amongst them occupies a special place mainly because:

  • is performed on the original site, in the center of the medieval town, which offers the perfect backdrop to content and the scene;
  • is performed in original way - as a procession. Viewers can watch the play on four wonderful venues, namely in Town Square (stage A), below the Castle (stage B), at the beginning of Below Square (stage C) and at the end of Below Square in front of the Granary »Kašča«(stage D). Passion procession moves from venue to venue, where each scene is played over and over again;
  • was performed in the original time of Lent - the period of Lent and Easter is particularly appropriate for the passion play topic, therefore, offers a view of performance at this time a special experience and a chance for peaceful conversation with itself;
  • not only shows Stations of the Cross than most other Passion Plays, but represents a unique combination of images from the Old and New Testament, from Eden until the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In this way, the performance draws attention to human fragility and transience and gives us the opportunity to consider how to make best use of the time we put into life on Earth;
  • it represents a unique play performance, costumography and language of original time. In staging are involved more than 600 volunteers and about 80 horsemen, an additional 200 volunteers helps with the organization itself and for the preparations for the staging.

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